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What is W.I.R.E. and how did it become a M.C.???

Wyoming Independent Riding Enthusiasts came to be this spring when a couple of good friends were sitting around drinking some cervasas mixed in with a little agave juice. I had just purchased a 100th Anniversary Road King Classic, as did my little bro. Another of the founding member owns two big black Deuces. We were wondering, with the unmatched riding conditions and scenic vistas, High Mountain passes and beautiful switch backed roads, and numerous bars in every town, “Why aren’t there more rides and people to ride with? I don’t want to sell any raffle tickets for anything or donate time or money to be a part of any so called motorcycle club…” I said to everyone. Come to find out, neither did anyone else there with a beer in his or her hand. We decided to form our own Motorcycle Club MC…. After some names were thrown out, W.I.R.E., which my brother came up with, was born.  I thought some of the names I came up with were catchy but being a democratic club, they didn’t make the vote, and W.I.R.E. is very cool. Simply put, we enjoy the wind in our hair traveling down a paved swatch in the sunshine of Wyoming, or surrounding state. We thrive on the comradery of our companions and the joy these rides bring to us. This to me is fun…. This is what life is all about. Many people have expressed interest in the club, we had our first barbeque /meeting and it went well… even though I won the certificate of DEPRECIATION for running out of fuel will on the WY STATE HOG RALLY, but that is another story.

The Prez.

  Why is W.I.R.E. hosted at THINKHARLEY.COM???
One of our members knew that a web site would be the only way to share ride information, photos and news.  Of course WIRE.COM was not available.  So, as a free service to you, he is hosting it at THINKHARLEY.COM along with a business web site.  That is why you may see the choice of "Business or Pleasure" when you hit THINKHARLEY.COM


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